GlobeDrought aims to develop a web-based information system for comprehensively characterising drought events. The project will produce a spatially explicit description of drought risks by considering three components: drought hazard, exposure and vulnerability. It will investigate how droughts impact water resources, crop productivity, trade in food products and the need for international food aid.


Source: adapted from IPCC (2014)


Quantification of the drought risk by integrating the components hazard, vulnerability, and exposition (source: IPCC (2014).
Approach and work plan

  • Analyze past drought events and establish drought risks on a global scale
  • Perform a detailed analysis of drought events and drought risks for selected regions
  • Analyze the impact of droughts on selected regions and on trade flows in food products
  • Develop and test an integrated drought information system

Source: GlobeDrought consortium



Source: GlobeDrought consortium

We are going to analyze the development of different types of drought, their impacts and factors that help to buffer hydrological and agricultural systems against drought.